Bio Fogging Manchester & North West

Whether you want to get your business back up and running or to support staff wellbeing and safety, effective anti-viral fogging makes sense for your workplace environment.

Bio Fogging in Manchester

Bio Fogging is a method of delivering chemicals to deep clean an area and will create what looks like fog in a room or indoor space.

It is a highly effective way to disinfect high up surfaces and those hard to reach areas that are often missed including small and confined spaces, as well as horizontal surfaces it can also be very effective at disinfecting vertical surfaces.

Bio Fogging is ideal for deep cleaning an office space and industrial environments and is best carried out in an evening or a weekend once the site is closed.

Maintaining a safe environment during the COVID-19 pandemic may mean you need to increase cleaning frequencies with more attention to touchpoint areas such as door handles, desks, phones, computers, computer mouse, calculators, etc, and bathrooms and high footfall areas.

Bio Fogging is fast and safe and disinfects the whole area, with the correct spacing of over 2m between employees, social distancing in all common areas, regular disinfection of high touch areas and fogging and spraying of surfaces, you are doing what you can to keep your employees safe.

Why Choose us?

Bio Fogging eliminates all viruses!

Once our experts have decontaminated the entire building, they will take the next step of fogging the entire building. It helps to remove all traces of viruses and keeps your building safe for 10 days. Our experts will take all precautions and follow all SOPs when they come for the cleaning process.

Our staff will wear masks, disposable overalls, gloves, and protective footwear.

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Bio Fogging

Eliminates 99.999% of all coronavirus particles to ensure a healthy workplace


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BS EN 1276

Using BS EN 1276 licensed non-toxic virucidal chemical

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