Coronavirus Cleaning Manchester & North West

We provide a specialist COVID deep cleaning service for homes and businesses in Manchester, our non toxic anti viral cleaning removes 99.999% and will help your business maintain a healthy work environment.

Coronavirus Cleaning in Manchester

Along with taking other measures for the deadly coronavirus cleanliness and disinfecting all the Surfaces is also very important. We provide professional services to disinfect all of your properties. We follow the safety guidelines that are set up by Public Health England for coronavirus deep clean. You need to ensure all your touch points are regularly cleaned and disinfected and we can provide monthly maintenance agreements for this.

Here at MCR we provide coronavirus deep cleaning services in Manchester and Cheshire and takes great care while disinfecting your property and make sure to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Our technicians are well trained and fully qualified.  Our team have completed courses in biofogging services which we can now provide as ongoing support for your business.

We provide the best customer service, satisfying and making our customers happy is our Number One Aim. We are very concerned about your health that is why we charge an affordable amount of money and provide the best quality service.  We are one of the best cleaning companies here in Manchester

BS EN 1650-BS EN 13704-BS EN 1276-BS EN 14675
BS EN 14476- EU 2015/830

Our Coronavirus sanitising teams are available 24 hours every day and have a normal arrival time of just over one hour in case of emergency.

Each specialist clean is followed up with a full record, pictures and movie detailing surfaces and regions covered, when they have been cleaned and who.

Local expert cleaning will also be offering carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and oven cleaning for customers requiring the greatest levels of cleanliness.

Our trained cleaning professionals perform Coronavirus decontamination cleaning and sanitation working with fogging to eliminate all traces of the virus. EVERY Area is deep cleaned by our skilled specialists wearing sterile disposable overalls, hats, masks, gloves and protective shoes cover. After cleaning with sterilising products, the areas are sealed and taped-off, ready for testing.

Why Choose Us?

Bio Fogging eliminates all viruses

Once our experts have decontaminated the entire building, they will take the next step of fogging the entire building. It helps to remove all traces of viruses and keeps your building safe for 10 days. Our experts will take all precautions and follow all SOPs when they come for the cleaning process.

Our staff will wear masks, disposable overalls, gloves, and protective footwear.

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Bio Fogging

Eliminates 99.999% of all coronavirus particles to ensure a healthy workplace


Experienced coronavirus cleaners in Manchester and Cheshire

BS EN 1276

Using BS EN 1276 licensed non-toxic virucidal chemical

Business & Domestic

We provide our coronavirus cleaning service to homes and businesses

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